OCEANPLASTIK is an impact startup (seed stage) to create and operate a Tokenized Circular Ecosystem to Mine, Clean Up and Recycle Plastic Waste on a Global Scale.

In the upcoming 5 years we aim to mine and source +976K tones of plastic waste out of our natural environment through the OP Ecosystem.


By combining AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), blockchain and mobile technologies, we want to create a practical solution to mine and clean up plastic waste out of our natural environment.

Users can tag, localize, collect and drop off plastic waste using the PTAGGER app.

PTAGGER users are automatically rewarded with credits for their clean up activities, achievements, performance.

Credits can always be exchanged into OPCOIN tokens and used in combination with the OP crypto debit card.


The amount of plastic that has entered our natural environment is simply insane and sadly it doesn't stop.

To put a hold on this, we would need better waste management solutions and a lot of hands to clean up plastic waste out of our natural environment.

We will create awareness about this problem.

By offering financial incentives, we can engage every smartphone user and local community to be part of the clean up process.


Users can tag, localize, collect and drop off plastic waste at OP drop off points.

By opening and connecting worldwide recycling centers, we can wash, sort and recycle plastic waste.

Recycled plastic will be listed on the OP marketplace.

End-of-life plastic waste will be processed into biofuel (waste-to-fuel) and also listed on the OP marketplace.

This makes it possible to avoid using virgin materials and loop out plastic waste out of our natural environment.


Create durable products made of recycled plastic waste.

We will start with producing unique colorful chopsticks, sushi sets, bowls and trays.

This will create new jobs for local communities and fuel their economies with new opportunities.

Generated sales profits will be partially used used to expand mining, clean up, recycling, waste-to-fuel and production infrastructure.

OP products will be sold of various B2C - B2B sales channels including the OP webshop and affiliate program.


We also want to develop programs and mobile games to provide free education about plastic to schools, children and local communities. Educational interactive programs are very important as this is a method to educate PTAGGER AI's algorithms.

With mobile games we can educate children (within the age 5 till 12 years) in a playful way what plastic pollution does to our natural environment.

With interactive multiplay strategy games (based on the principles of PTAGGER) players can build facilities (recycling and production), expand with machinery, taggers, collectors, drop off points to mine and process collected plastic waste to earn credits.

The main purposes of this game is entertainment and education but this will also serve as a bridge to promote PTAGGER and engage users to start to tag, localize and drop off plastic waste to earn money.


OCEANPLASTIK adapts all of its activities to the Sustainable Development Goals, blueprinted by the United Nations to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all of us. These SDGs address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

OCEANPLASTIK adapts to 15 out of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).



A group of passionate and enthusiastic people, who teamed up to use their time, networks, resources and talents to create a practical solutions to target the global plastic pollution problem.


  Sandro Anthonio  

CEO | Founder

Dutch entrepreneur active in the digital marketing and online entertainment industry since 2004.

Father of 4 who wants to use his knowledge, network and resources to contribute with solutions to clean up our natural environment from plastic waste and protect marine wildlife.

  Sven Hansing  


Serial entrepreneur and economic with the emphasis on environment and resource economics.

Since my studies I have been finding ways to bring ecology and economy to one level.

My legacy is to help preserve this planet for future generations. Not only for mankind!

  Jana Pochybova  

COO | Founder

Slovak mom of 2 who wants to be part of the solution to clean up our oceans and protect marine wildlife.

All our children deserve healthy oceans and we can’t leave them behind in a heavily polluted world that will affect them and future generations.

  Marcel Anthonio  


Digital marketing expert from the Netherlands, who worked in various verticals over the last 15 years.

Loves the ocean and beach life but is heart broken what is happening at the moment and would love to contribute in creating a global solution.

  Andy Wullmer  

Social Media Advisor

Expert in online Marketing (20 years), a charismatic speaker, motivator and Influencer on social media channels.

Professional scuba diver (+25 years) with a big passion to protect and clean the world from the massive plastic pollution.

  Jan Petrovic  

Senior CRO Specialist

Conversion Rate Optimalization (CRO) and Analytics manager who loves to sailing and a big passion for our natural environment

As a parent I know we need to find practical solutions to fight the plastic pollution problem.

  Aiyana Ebenau  

Data Science and AI Officer

Recent graduate of data science and artificial intelligence, with the goal of using her skills for environmental protection.

I love spending time in nature, especially in the ocean - let it be scuba diving, surfing or hiking. I am very enthusiastic about contributing my part to the protection of our planet.



We are always looking for people who want to get involved and help us to reach our objectives. Introduce yourself and tell us more about yourself and background. You can contact us by sending an email to hello@oceanplastik.com

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Namesti Svobody 18
60200 Brno, Czech Republic

phone: +420 7766 40481