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OCEANPLASTIK is an impact startup aimed to use AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), Blockchain and Mobile technologies to mine, clean up and recycle plastic waste on a global scale.

By combining these technologies we are able to engage and incentify people (smartphone users) to tag, localize, collect and drop off plastic waste out of our natural environment.

OCEANPLASTIK will be fully tokenized which means that we will issue our own crypto token (OPCOIN) as payment and payout method to reward users for their performance and achievements.

OCEANPLASTIK company shares will be tokenized as equity tokens.

Both OPCOIN and OPEQUITY will be issued through Token Sale rounds to give (crypto) retail investors the opportunity to invest in OCEANPLASTIK.

Once the Token Sale rounds have been completed both OPCOIN and OPEQUITY will be listed on tier 1 crypto exchange for public trading.

Funds raised through the Token Sale rounds will be used to develop the OP ecosystem and to invest in mining, recycling, fuel-to-waste and production infrastructure.

OCEANPLASTIK's main focus is to create awareness, to loop plastic out of our natural environment and to give plastic waste a realistic value proposition.

We believe that the global plastic pollution problem is totally mismanaged and out of control.

Adapting to a circular economy is the way to loop out plastic waste out of our natural environment.

By combining new emerging technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), Blockchain and Smartphones, we are able to give plastic waste a realistic value proposition and reward people and companies for their clean up achievements and performance.

Worldwide there are 6.93 billion smartphone users. This is our target audience who can tag, localize, collect and drop off plastic waste and automatically earn OPCOINS (crypto tokens).

Imagine if only 0.1% will collectively join in cleaning up plastic waste out of our natural environment.


Through tokenization we can raise funding to develop the OP ecosystem and invest in drop off points, recycling, waste-to-fuel and production infrastructure.

OPCOIN and OPEQUITY token sale rounds we will give retail investors the opportunity to invest in our clean up activities.

With OPCOIN and OPEQUITY tokens will have the ability to reward our users and companies who are active with cleaning up and/or recycling plastic waste.


Plastic waste can be localized and sourced by PTAGGER, a native mobile app with features to tag, localize, collect and drop off plastic waste.

This app will use AI/ML technology to indentify plastic materials, estimate the quality, quantity, brand recognition and predictable flows.

Users who tag, localize, collect and drop off plastic waste automatically earn credits which can be exchanged to OPCOIN tokens (crypto tokens).

We also plan to start with Landfill Mining activities by excavating, recycling plastic waste including waste-to-fuel processing (biofuel).


Collected plastic waste will be washed, dried, sorted and recycled before listed on the OP marketplace (B2B platform for producers, recycling facilities and vendors).This way we can engage producers to stop using virgin plastic materials.

End-of-life plastic waste will be selected for biofuel (Plastic Pyrolysis) processing and listed on the OP Marketplace.

Waste-to-fuel is a realistic altenative for fossil fuel and through this approach we can loop out plastic waste out of our natural environment.


We will buy back recycled plastic materials from the OP marketplace and produce durable products made out of recycled plastic waste.

From 2025, we will start producing unique colorful chopsticks, sushi sets, bowls and trays (starting in in Bali, Indonesia).

All products will be published on the OP Webshop. Sales profits will be used to invest and expand our mining, recycling, waste-to-fuel and production infrastructure and activities.


Once we have create proof of concept, we can reward our investors (OPCOIN and OPEQUITY token holders) and scale up our activities in other countries and regions.

We will start in Bali (Indonesia) to create proof of concept before we will expand in other countries and regions.

The following countries and regions have our point of interest.


Indonesia (Bali, Padang and Muncar)
Philippines (Shing Mun river, Freedom Island, Manilla and San Fernando)
Vietnam (Da Nang, Nha Trang, Oui Nhon and Ho Chi Minh City)
Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya City and Samut Songkhram)
China (Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Xiamen and Shanghai)
India (Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, Surat and Visakhapatnam)
Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)
Curacao (Dutch Caribbean) All around the world (landfill mining)

We want to produce a range of original durable products made from recycled plastic waste.

Initially will start with the production of unique colorful products like: chopsticks, sushi sets, bowls and trays.

Later we will expand with the production of other product types.

In collaboration with future partners we can also produce semi-finished products or accept custom production orders.

By selling branded products, we want to create awareness about the plastic problem and use the sales profits to invest in expanding mining, clean up, recycling, waste-to-fuel and production infrastructure.

All products made from recycled plastic waste can be classified as durable product types. We will not produce single-use plastic product types!

The production of new durable products is based on recycled plastic materials to avoid using any type of virgin plastic materials.

By producing and selling durable plastic products we are able to generate revenues to expand our mining, clean up, recycling, waste-to-fuel and production infrastructure.

Profits made OCEANPLASTIK profits will be used as followed:

  • 50% allocated to reward OPCOIN and OPEQUITY token holders (investors)
  • 50% allocated to invest in mining, clean up, recycling, waste-to-fuel and production infrastructure

OCEANPLASTIK was founded in 2020 by Sandro Anthonio and his partner who together wanted to do something about the global plastic problem.

During the Covid19 lockdowns Sandro had to pause all activities for personal reasons but restarted OCEANPLASTIK in January 2024.

Together with group of passionated people, they will use their experience, time, network, and talents to create a tokenized circular ecosystem to mine, clean up and recycle plastic waste on a global scale.

All team members have gained over the years a lot of experience in various roles within the online digital industry (development, marketing and ecommerce).

Most of the our team members are parents. None of them want to give their children and following future generations a legacy, where their children can’t enjoy the beautiful oceans and amazing marine wildlife as how they did.

Yes, OCEANPLASTIK complies to the "Sustainable Development Goals" blueprinted by the United Nations.

We will do this as followed:

  • Provide all our stakeholders within our ecosystem a safe source of income (OPCOIN tokens)
  • Create awareness and provide quality education about the global plastic pollution problem
  • Achieve gender equality when hiring employees
  • Create new job opportunities and boost local economies
  • Use clean energy and use electric vehicles for all logistics movements
  • Innovate and create facilities to recycle plastic waste and produce durable plastic products
  • Adapt to a circular economy
  • Clean up plastic waste before/after it has entered our natural environment
  • Collaborate with other companies, (local) governmental organizations and communities to accelerate the clean up process (plastic waste), create awareness about the plastic problem pollution problem, stop using single-use plastic applications and connect the OCEANPLASTIK ecosystem with other available platforms

The sponsor partner program is based on various sponsor partner levels.

All our sponsor partners will get in-app, on-site, and off-site exposure, visibility and are mentioned in our press releases and social media publications.


One time fee €2,500
Annual fee: €0


One time fee €5,000
Annual fee: €0


One time fee €25,000
Annual fee: €2,500


One time fee €75,000
Annual fee: €2,500


One time fee €150,000
Annual fee: €5,000


One time fee €250,000
Annual fee: €5,000

Sponsors will receive OPCOIN tokens matching their place contribution (seed round token value) plus 20% OPEQUITY tokens (tokenized company shares).

The OPCOIN and OPEQUITY tokens will be distributed after completing the ICO | STO token sale rounds.

Contributed funds from sponsors will be used as followed:

  • Develop PTAGGER, a smartphone app to tag, localize, collect and drop off plastic waste
  • Develop OP Marketplace, a B2B community platform for producers, recyclers and vendors
  • Set up drop off points, mining, recycling, waste-to-fuel and production facilities (start in Bali, Indonesia to create proof of concept)
  • Expand by connect recycling partners worldwide
  • Expand with drop off points
  • Invest in mining, recycling, waste-to-fuel and production infrastructure

Yes, we do accept contributions from our sponsor parters in goods and/or services. Please contact us by email.

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is used by startup companies to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process required by venture capitalists. In an ICO campaign, a percentage of the token/coin supply is sold to early backers of the project in exchange for legal tender or cryptocurrencies.

Through an ICO startup companies can raise funding to finance their ideas into real working products and/or services. Individuals or companies can back these ICO startups by participating and benefit from the token valuation.

A Security Token Offering (STO) is a regulated way to raise funds through blockchains that keeps investors protected.

Tokenized digital securities known as security or equity tokens are sold on crypto exchanges supporting security tokens.

In OCEANPLASTIK's case OPEQUITY tokens are tokenized company shares.

Blockchain technology is actually rather easy to understand at its core. Essentially, it's a shared database populated with entries that must be confirmed and encrypted.

Think of it as a kind of highly encrypted and verified shared Google Document, in which each entry in the sheet depends on a logical relationship to all its predecessors.

Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.

Blockchain technology offers a way to securely and efficiently create a tamper-proof log of sensitive activity (anything from international money transfers to shareholder records).

  OPCOIN tokens  

OPCOIN tokens (utility tokens) will be used as payment and payout methods within the OCEANPLASTIK Ecosystem.

Users and companies (stakeholders) who are active with mining, clean up and recycling activities are rewarded with OPCOIN tokens based on their achievements and performance.

OPCOIN token holders will get access to a mobile app that provides features to access and manage their earnings and exchange them to fiat and/or other cryptocurrencies.

OPCOIN token holders can also apply for the OP crypto debit card that provides features to do online payments and ATM withdrawals.

  OPEQUITY tokens  

OPEQUITY tokens are equity or security tokens which are tokenized company shares which gives token holders the right to be official share holders from OCEANPLASTIK.

OCEANPLASTIK is currently incorporated and later this year we will restructure our incorporation by opening two companies in Liechtenstein and Switzerland (Zug) where OPEQUITY will be allocated as tokenized company shares from our holding company.

Seed funding round
Raise a minimum € 350,000
OP Pitchdeck (seed funding round)

OPCOIN ICO token sale
Seed round € 500,000
Private Sale round € 3,000,000
Public Presale round € 11,500,000
Total of € 15,000,000

OPEQUITY STO token sale
Total of € 50,000,000

We have a big problem with all that plastic that is out. Since it's invention nobody really thought about how to manage all this plastic waste.

Plastic waste has no real value proposition for consumers. We buy a product and throw away the plastic material but in fact plastic waste has a value.

Once plastic waste has been mined and collected, it's ready to recycled. During this process the plastic waste is sorted, seperated, washed, dried and processed into granules or flakes to be sold to production companies as reusable materials.

End-of-life plastic materials can be processed into renewable feedstocks (waste-to-fuel) and sold on marketplaces.

These processes makes it possible to turn plastic waste into money.

Investors will not only benefit from their placed investments but also will become superheroes.

The allocation of raised funds will be published later.

Yes, we do have a clear roadmap which will be published soon.

The PTAGGER smartphone app will be a free app (published in the Google and Android App stores). This app will be used to tag, localize, collect and drop off collected plastic waste.

The app will use AI and ML technology to identify plastic materials, estimate quality, quantity, predictive flows and brand recognition.

After installing the app users can either sign up or sign in. New users are required to activate their account and finalizing the instructions.

The PTAGGER app rewards users with credits for their mining, clean up and drop off activities. Earned credits can be paid out in OPCOIN tokens (crypto token).


Users can tag and localize plastic waste by using their smartphone.

The tagging feature automatically snaps a photo, register the geo coordinates. Users can additional add attributes such as plastic type, colors, estimated weight and adding comments (train our AI/ML algorithms).


Each tagged object will be listed in a collection queue and automatically generates a QR code.

Users who reside in the same area are automatically notified once a tagged object is available to be collected. Users have to assign themselves to collect a tagged object from the collection queue.


After assigning themselves to collect a tagged object, the user gets navigational instructions (similar as Google Maps) to collect that specific tagged object.

Once collected, the user can decide to continue to collect tagged objects (listed in the collection queue) or to drop off collected plastic waste at the nearest drop off point.


Users are navigated to drop off plastic objects at the nearest drop off point.

Once arrived the user is required to have the associated QR code(s) scanned by the drop off point operator.

The operator validates the weight from the collected plastic object using a digital scale and can adjust the weight values.

Once changed and confirmed the users (tagger and collector) are automatically rewarded with credits.

The users are individuals (people) who tag, localize, collect plastic objects, drop off point operators and recycling center operators.

PTAGGER will be promoted in countries and regions where drop off points are active and where we have recycling partners.

All users who are active with mining, collecting and dropping off plastic waste (tag, localize, collect and drop off) are automatically rewarded with credits.

Users can start a payout request and will receive OPCOIN tokens.

The earnings depend on the quantity of collected and dropped of plastic objects measured in kilograms.

This will be available from Q2/2025.

This will be available from Q2/2025.

The OP Marketplace is a B2B community for plastic recyclers, production companies and vendors (companies who provide recycling and production products and/or services).

We will provide OP Marketplace users various features to buy or sell recyled plastic materials, biofuel and/or recycling and production products.

To use all thee marketplace features users are required to sign up for an annual subscription plan (two months free trail period).

The OPCOIN token ICO will be initiated for the general public to get involved and support OCEANPLASTIK.

During the OPCOIN token ICO people can participate during a seed, private sale and public presale round.

For companies who are interested to be involved, we have created the sponsor partner program. Each partner contributes with an one-time and annual contribution.

Partners can contribute by providing financial support or with products and/or services.

Contact us by email for more information.

People who would like to volunteer and contribute to create a decentralized ecosystem to clean up and recycle ocean plastic debris are always welcome.

Volunteers can contribute in different ways and are always rewarded.

Contact us by email for more information.

We are looking for ambassadors, who want to attach their name and help us to bring awareness about this huge global problem.

Ambassadors are known influencial individuals, who have a big group of social followers and use their network to address the ocean plastic pollution problem.

Contact us by email for more information.

Everyone else who wants to be involved in OCEANPLASTIK can always reach out.

Contact us by email for more information.

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